Norene Felt Kopinsky wrote about Grandfather George Daniel Felt at the time of his passing in 1966.  Services were held in Los Angeles and again in Salt Lake City.  I believe these notes were written and used in the Salt Lake City funeral services.  Our father, Charles Ray Felt was one of two sons of George Daniel and Molly Hendricks Felt.  Clarence Revere Felt was the other son and he preceded his father in death. 


“Grandfather George Daniel Felt was born September 23, 1873, in Ibapah, Utah to Charles and Rachel Matilda Ferguson Felt.  He was the first child in a family of seven (7) children.  Their names were Nina, Charles E., May, Blanche, Stanley (who died in infancy) and Chloe.


Grandfather received a good education for the opportunities that were available in those days.  He attended school in Ibapah, at St Mary’s Academy, here in SLC, and later attended the BY College in Logan (Utah).  He was an excellent penman, and while at Logan, he studied to become an assayer.  He boarded with a family in Logan while attending school.  The lady of the house introduced him to her sister, Mary Ann Hendricks, who he married in Logan.


The young couple moved to Ibapah by horse and wagon where Grandfather intended to work with his father in the cattle and sheep business.  Grandmother said that on the way she began to think she did not know this fellow too well.  There they were in the middle of nowhere and if he didn’t intend to harm her she knew the Indians would attack them.  However, they both made it there safely.


On November 23, 1893, a son was born and was named Charles Ray.  Then two years later another son was born.  They named him Clarence Revere.


In 1912 Grandfather bought the ranch.  He built a store and freighted supplies for the store from Wendover by horse and wagon.  He saw to it that the boys had plenty of chores on the ranch and that they had good educations.  They attended school in SLC, and Grandfather built a beautiful home on McClellan Avenue where Grandmother stayed with the boys during the school years.  When the sons wee grown they were taken in as partners in Grandfather’s business.


In 1919 he sold his interests in Ibapah to his sister and brother in law, Chloe and Wade Parish.  He moved to Gooding, Idaho where he spent two years farming and raising thoroughbred sheep.


In 1921 he sold the farm and moved to SLC, then in 1924, moved to Los Angeles (California).


He became a proficient mechanic and worked in that capacity for the Adore (Adohr) Creamery for 25 years.  He retired in 1949 at the age of 76.  His sons moved to Los Angeles.  Clarence became a successful electrician and Charles took up the building trade.  In 1930 Clarence developed septicemia and died and (sic) he lost Grandmother in 1933.  Charles moved to Lehi.


In approximately 1938 Grandfather met a widow, Margaret Wilson, and they married in Los Angeles.  Aunt Margaret has been very good to Grandfather and has taken good care of him.


Grandfather died just eight (8) days before his 93rd birthday. He is survived by his widow, two sons, two sisters, Nina and Chloe, and his brother Charles, four grand children and 12 great grand children.


Grandfather was not a member of any church until he was 90 years old.  He always said, though, that if and when he joined a church it would be the Mormon Church.  He was baptized into the Mormon Church in October of 1963.


Grandfather was a peacemaker.  He had such an even, pleasant disposition that he would kid anyone out of an argument.  He was well liked and respected by his neighbors and his business associates.  He always saw to it that anyone who needed help was helped both financially and in service.”


Norene wrote this for the funeral services in Salt Lake.  She located the piece in a notebook in August of 2003.  This writing is taken directly from those notes, now in possession of Russ Felt.