Note:  These good folks are providing much information about the File, Feil, Fyle line and it origin. 


Langer Letter



This letter extract from Christina Langer discussed interesting information on the File Family.  (email dated 26 Dec 2007)




“At the moment, I try to continue the genealogical work of the Files at Unteroewisheim.  As far a possible, I look for those family members who emigrated to Unteroewisheim from Switzerland after the Thirty Years’ war.  They belonged to Switzerland’s poor people in the mountains that could not feed the rapidly increasing families.  That was why they followed the offers of the German Princes to come to their land and rebuild the houses ruined by the war and plough the acres barren because most of the former inhabitants were either killed by the soldiers, friends and foes alike, or were killed by the plague that was carried in by the soldiers.


Thus our common ancestor, John UIlrich Offner, had left his hut on the Holzberg (Wooden Hill) near Adelboden, Switzerland, and accompanied his family on their way to Unteroewisheim at the age of 81.   He was buried at Unteroewisheim age 85 years, 9 months and two days. 


In a document that I bought two weeks ago, they wrote that during the War of Succession in the USA (Civil War – 1861-1865), the Northern American States of the USA promised the people good jobs and incomes, but when the Palatine and Baden people came there, they had to fight in the Army on behalf of the Northern States against the Southern States instead of getting land.  Among the Unteroewisheimers that left the village for a better future for their children, were many descendants of Christopher File Sr.  For example, Peter Carl Feil (b. 1839) and his brother, Fedrich Wilhelm Oberst (b. 1841)grandchildren to Mary Elizabeth Oberst nee Feil; Christian Friedrich Feil (b. 1831), son to Christian Friedrich Sr. and his wife Philippina Magaretha nee Wein .


There were three of that great lot Unteroewisheimers, who left Germany in those times.  It might be that you might have met some of them without knowing that they were Unteroewisheimers, and according to the fact that Christopher File had left behind ten children who all married and had children (for example, my ancestors had eleven children surviving infancy) without knowing that they shared almost all their genes with you.”




Christina and Anita