Eliza Ann Brain

Second Wife of Isaac Wilson Fox

Brief Statement on Her Life


John Alfred Fox


Retyped from purple ditto copy by Dayleen Hobson Felt, February 2003


[This brief history was written by John Alfred Fox, and prepared from his memories and those of other members of the family.  Family records, Lehi histories, and life sketches delivered at annual family gatherings have also been used.  The lives of our forebearers have been fruitful, their experiences plentiful, their wisdom sound.  And their thoughts and expressions are of great interest and value to all their posterity—and this, if all could be revealed.  It will give at least some of their endeavors and achievements.  All to the purpose of demonstrating the heritage they have left us.  To have known them personally would be to appreciate them and the values, virtues, and testimony that they had and bore.  To all who have contributed to this short history in any way I am sincerely appreciative and grateful.]


Eliza Ann Brain, Isaac Wilson Fox’s second wife, was born about 1838 in Banbury, Oxford, England.  To her was born a son named George Henry Fox on 16 November 1861 at Lehi, Utah.  He married Naomi Jane Powell, and they were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple 23 April 1936.  George died at age 73 on 9 December 1934 at Lehi.

Eliza’s second child was Emily Angelina Fox, who was born 27 April 1863 at Lehi, Utah.  Emily married Alexander White on 5 March 1884, and the ceremony was performed by Bishop Thomas R. Cutler.  Emily died about 1943.  Eliza’s third child, Wilson Fox, was born 11 July 1864 in Lehi, Utah.  He died an infant on 24 November 1864 at Lehi, Utah.

Eliza Ann Brain Fox died 2 October 1865 in Lehi, Utah.