Harriet Ann “Tally” Hartley’s Notebook

Born 19 September 1873; Sister of Lucy Hartley who married Isaac Fox

1893 – 1894

Black, 3”x5” notebook with 1893 and 1894 yearly calendars inside cover



H. Hartley


Nancy Luipe

I wonder how long that butcher will be before he brings up the meat.


H. A. Hartley

Born Sep 19th 1873 St. James Parish Doncaster Yorkshire

Bap, Sep 24th

Conf – Sep 27th 1891 by Elder Charles Cottrell at Doncaster Yorkshire


Herbert Job Hartley

Born 4 June 1893

Died 29 January 1968


Elizabeth Hator Hartley

Born 1849 Aug 20th


Ready Reference


The Gospel

Romans 1st Chap 16-17

Mark 1st Chap 1st to 8th


To be preached Matt 24. 6-14

To be published Mark 13th – 10


Preached by Jesus

Mark 1 Chap. 14.15 v.


Apostles commanded

Mark 16 Chap. 15 verse


Only one Gospel:

            Gal: 1st Chap 8th verse

            Eph. 4th C. 4.5.6 v.


Not of Man:

Gal. 1st Chap. 11.12 v


Is not discerned by our natural senses

1 Cor. 2nd Chap. 11.14 verses



Not acceptable to the world.

1 Cor. 1st C. 18.21 v.

2 Cor. 4th Chap 3.4 v.

Acts 28th Chap 22. v.


How a knowledge is to be obtained.

John 7th Chap 16.17 v.


By Revelation

Eph 3rd Chap 3. 5. v.

Gal 1st C 12 verse

Romans 8th C 16 verse

1 Cor 2nd Chap 9 & 10 verses


Preached to Abraham

Gal 3rd Chap 8th verse


To the Israelites under Moses

Heb. 4 C. 2 v


Preached to the dead

John 5th C. 25th verse

1 Peter 3rd C. 18 to 20 v

1 Peter 4th C. 6 v



Mark 13 C.10v. 16 C.15.v.

Matt 24th C. 14th verse


To be judged by it

Romans 2 C.16.verse

John. 12 C.48.49.50.v.

1 Peter 4.C. 17.18.v.

2 Thes. 1.C. 7.8.9.v


Class of men called to preach


Matt 9th C. 9.v

1 Cor: 1 C.26.27.28 v.

1 Cor. 1 C. 29 the reason why


Obligation to Preach

1 Cor 9th C. 16. verse

Ezek 3rd C 17.18.19 v


Men answerable for their teachings

Luke 12.C. 3. verse

Matt 12.C.36.verse


Authority to Preach

Romans 10th C.14.15.

John 15.C. 16th verse.


Or, act in the name of the Lord

Heb 5.C. 4th v.



How Aaron was called

Ex. 4th C. 14.15.16.v.




Paul’s Testimony:

Romans 1st C. 16.17.v


What faith is

Hebrews 11th C. 1st verse


Foundation of the doctrine of Christ

Hebrews 6 C. 1st v.


Fruit of the Spirit

Gal. 5 C. 22 verse


Moving cause of all action:

Heb. 11th C. 7 to 27

James 2 C. 18th v.


The principle of Power

Heb 11th C. 3rd to 34th

Matthew 17th C 19.v.


Nothing impossible with faith

Matt 17 C 20th v.

Mark 9th C 23. v

Eph. 6.C. 16th verse

1st John 5.C. 4.5. v.


Faith in God

Heb. 11th C 6th v.

John 5 C. 24. v.

John 17 C. 3rd v.

Luke 10 C 22.v

2 Cor. 1st C. 9.10th v

1 Tim 4.C. 10th v.

1 Peter 1. C. 18 to 21. v



Faith in Jesus Christ

John 3 C. 36th. v.

John 14 C 1 to 12th. v.

John 20 C 30 to 31 v.

Acts 4 C 12th v.

1st John 3. C 23.24.

1st John 5 C 10 to 13


Faith in the Holy Ghost

Luke 12 C. 11.12

John 16. C. 13.14.

Acts 1st C 8th v.

Acts 5 C 32 v.

Acts 10. C 38. v.


Do 11 C 15 to 17 v.

John 14 C 26. v.

1 John 5 C 7 v.


Faith in the Gospel

1 Thes. 2: C : 13.v.

Heb:     4: C: 2. v.

2 Peter 1: C: 19 to 21st v.

John 5:C: 45 to 47 v.


Faith in the Priesthood

2 Chron: 20:C: 20 v.

Matt 10.C. v.

Amos. 3.C. 7 & 8. v.

Luke. 10.C. 16. v.

Heb. 13. C. 7. v.

Matt. 18.C. 18. v.


Faith in Continuous Revelation

Num. 11.C. 29th. v.

Prov 29.C. 18th v.

Matt 16.C. 17&18.v.

Luke 10. C. 22 v.

1 Cor. 13.C 8 to 10th v.

Eph. 1.C. 17. v.

Jas. 1:C. 5.6. v.


Necessity of Continuous Revelation

Mark 16.C. 15 & 16. v.

John 3.C. 16 to 18

John 8.C. 24. v.

Heb. 3.C. 17 to 19

Heb. 11.C. 6. v.

Rom. 10 C.14. v.


How Obtained

Acts. 18 C. 8th v.

Rom. 10 C. 17. v.

1 Cor. 12 C. 8 & 9. v.

Matt. 17 C. 19 to 21. v.


Salvation Promised

Mark 16.C. 16. v.

John. 3.C 16. v.

Rom. 1.C. 16.v.

Rom. 10.C. 8 & 9. v.

1 Cor. 1. C. 21st v.

1 Peter 1. C. 9th v.

1 Tim 4.C. 10. v.


Blessings Promised

Mark 11.C. 24. v.

Mark 16.C. 17 & 18. v.

John 1.C. 12. v.

Acts 10 C. 43. v.

Rom. 5.C. 1 & 2

Gal. 3.C v.

Jas. 2.C.  5th v.



Faith & Works

Or Obedience to the



Words of the Savior

Matt. 7. C. 21st v.

John. 7.C. 16 & 17

John. 8.C. 31 & 32 v.  

John. 14.C. 12.15.21

2 Thes 1st C. 7.8.


Paul’s Words:

Titus: 3.C. 8. v.

Heb. 5.C. 8 & 9. v.

Rom. 2.C. 6.7.8 v.

Rom. 6.C. 16.17.18 v



William Maxfield

Born Blaxton 1802

Died March 8, 1844

Blaxton, Nottingshire


Ann Hopkinson Maxfield

Aged 61 died

Nov 13, 1831

Born at: Cartlif, York.

Died Blaxton

es  Grandmother

George Maxfield

Born Nossington 1760

Died Nov 22 1846 Blaxton

Husband of above Ann Hopkinson


George Maxfield

Oldest son of above

Born 1796

Blaxton or Branton

died Long Elmfall Yorksh

About 1856


Eliz Maxfield 18/25

Ann Maxfield aged 61

13 of Nov 1831 Blaxton


Born 1770



William Maxfield

died March 8, 1844

aged 41 Blaxton

born 1803      


George Maxfield

Died Nov 22, 1846

Born 1760


[very faint]

Dec 8 17/76 Wm Hopkinson

12th May 17/83 Robert             Hopkinson

21 Aug /84 Mary Hopkinson



18/13 William Hopkinson


18/25 Eliz Maxfield


Nov 13/31 Ann Maxfield

                        Age 61

Mar 8/44 Wm Maxfield

                        Age 41

Nov 22/46 George Maxfield


July 13/48 Sarah Hopkin….

                        Age 40

Mrs. Bone

106 Cemetery Rd.




Son George “ Im


            Hwhn Max---

1799      Dec 8

born  Dec  Thomas Maxfield


1796 George Maxfield


Ann daughter of Barnard Hopkinson of Brantz

        Ancestor of above



Elizabeth daughter

Of Thomas Lanfh..[?]

brf Mary daughter

of Thomas Lugdon…[?]

Friday 6 of September 1782


Hannah Hopkinson

1779 Monday 5 of July

    Awkluf [?]


Martin Maxland

Dec [?] 3 1653



[Starting at back of notebook]


Frse book of Mashfol [?]


Persecuted for 300 years

A. D. Flourishing of

Church 300 years 600 a.d.

Declining time 300 years – 1000 years A.D.

Desolation 400 years Christian doctrine & sincerity of life almost extinguished.  Trianscrept in with Gregory the seventh called Hildebrand till the time of John Wickliffe and John Huss [?] during a space of 400 years

Roman Church supreme title and power over all churches throughout the earth.  Called Holy Universal Mother Church which could not err & Bishops thereof called Holy Father

The Pope Bishop universal Prince of Priests Supreme Head of the universal Church and Vicar of Christ. Who must not be judged having all knowledge of the Scriptures and all laws contained in his breast. subdued all bishops under him had supreme power over Kings & Emporers.


This did not come at once but crept in gradually and came not to full perfection until the time of Pope Sylvester and partly of P Gregory the seventh 1170. a.d. of these four, (Innocent, 3--, Sylvester, 1--, Gregory, 2--, Boniface, 4--.  The first brought in the title 670 a.d. The second brought Jurisdiction.  The third (Innocent) brought in monks and Friars.  The fourth (Boniface) sword to be carried before the 1300 full perfection of Pope Taneta. 


Maria Pieta non est Taneta Maria, et homo pietus non est homo – aquinace (name only)


England first submitted for political matters to Alexander III in the time of King Henry II on account of the murder of

Thomas A. Becket.  Henry VIII split from Roman Catholic Church on account of Pope refusing to sanction Kings marriage with Anne Bolyn while (was alive)  Catherine of Avrogone


10  25 Bradford

Midland Wed



George Ambler



G. mother

Auty Ambler

Newill Ann


G. G. Father

George Auty  92 years

Yorkshire died


G. G. Grand

Lucy Auty  4th Generation

Yorkshire died


Great G. F. & G. M.

Nemihah Hartley

Elisabeth Walker Hartley


Grand F. Job Hartley Born

Melton died diton [?]


John Walker   Gre Great Uncle

West Melton died

George Auty   Great Uncle


Grandmothers Brothers

George Ambler [crossed out]

John Ambler [crossed out]


1/2 cousins to John Walker:

Sarah Walker

Oss?e walker

Job Hartley

Abraham Ambler

Wath born 1825 Wath died

William Ambler

Born and died Wath.


Middles bro

   John Ambler

   Father of George Ambler

   2 cousin


Joe Ambler

Staffordshire died

Born at Leeds


Brothers of Lucy Hartley

            G.    Jos [?]


Lucy Ambler Hartley

1819 Nov 7 died

Sep 23 1894

Born Hunslet

near Leeds  Died Melton


Job Hartley (Husband of above)

Died 1849  Oct  Aged 29

Melton  Born ditto July 10


Abraham Ambler

Died July 3rd 1858 aged 32 years

born 1824 July 20


Sarah Ambler

born Aug 6th 1826



Harriet Ambler

Born April 3rd 1831


John Ambler born

August 18th 1815


William Ambler

born Sep 1st 1817


Christiana Auty

3rd cousin

Born December 25th 1831

Died November 30th 1890

Died Bolton


Charles Mangham of Chesterfield

Died Nov 14, 1884

Aged 62 years at Ciho


Emily Ambler

Wife of John Ambler

Died May 27th 1881

Born 1851  Died Wath


George Auty, 3rd cousin

Born Dec 11, 1818

Died June 22nd 1885 at Wombwell Melton Yorks.



Barra J. [or V] Roshenham



& Stocks


Thomas Maxfield  G Father

Where Born? – What date


Ann Stocks Maxfield

Where Born? What date


Sarah Hartley

Where Born


G. Grand father

George Maxfield

Buried Tinningly


G. Grandmothers


Maxfield      ?

Butbrat [?] Cantley

buried Tinningly

half sister or aunt named Aust

Charlie Stocks

Sailor married

Black Lady had

2 Copper colored

Children living

Isle of Wight

Wealthy Born 1805 at Home


Ancestors Rossington or Linnigley [?]


Nicholas Pilly  2 March 1824

?orn ?  Newell (both)

Amelia Ambler Pilly

born July 4th 1821


Robert Pilly

Died bet  Aged 5 years

Born in Newill  died ditto

Charles Pilly  March

Aged  3 months 1848


Martha Pilly  Feb 14th 1855  3 years old


Sarah Ann  Feb 4 1860   15 month old



Brothers of Ann Stocks Cowick [faint] & Thomas [crossed out] Snaith

Ann Stocks   Home

   Father of above

Henry Stocks

Born at Bentley Doncaster

   Mother of above

Mary Pash Stocks

Died 43 Wakefield Yorks

Henry Stocks died 1836 Home


Father of Mary Pash Stocks called James Pash

James Pash is wifes Father

David Cutler

David Cutler Junior born at Home


Charlie Maxfield

Born Home [?] 1828

3 December

Gengl D. [?]   1830

28 of Dec


Cemtly [?] Church


Ann Hopkinson

Maxfields father and mother

George Maxfields

Parents and their parents buried in Rossington


John son of Edward Hopkinson

Brampton Sep 8

1763 Baptism


Hannah daughter of Edward Hopkinson farmer of Branton

March 6th 1764

Anne  daughter of Edward Hopkinson of Branton June 13 1776

Elizabeth  daughter of Edward Hopkinson

farmer Brampton

Sep 25th 1768


Edward Hopkinson

Died April 30th 1769


George Hurst Cantley

June 13  ?


Thomand Hurst married

Chef. Homes June 2 1728

Anne daughter of

Matthew Hurst

Cantly June 13 1868

Thomas Maxfield of Rossington and Mary Corkin

Married 11 of oct 1760 of Cantly


Edward Hopkinson and Mary Lambert both of Cantley married 21st day of Jan 1762


Matthew Hurst of Fishlake married Phoebe Dodson 2 March 1767 – Cantly


John Hurst ?imping

Married Hannah Hopkinson

7 Nov 1786    Cantly


Thomas Chester

Married Ann Hurst of Cantly 1793  6[?] Nov


George Maxfield,arroed Amm Finningly Hopkinson of Cantly 26 of Aug 1795 at Cantly


William Hopkinson of the Parish of Finningly married Hannah Elridge

Cantly 16 of Dec 1809



My Journey Across the _______Ocean_______


Started from Halifax ? 28

Arrived in Bradford in time to catch 10:10 am train from Midland Station with the assistance of out porter


After passing a few stations found I was in the wrong train

So turned out at Skipton and waited for the right one

found nice company the whole journey to Glasgow

Arrived there 4:20 but found no familiar face to greet me.  Stepped on to platform and stood staring in blank amazement at ground

Waited some 40 minutes on the depot (St. Enockt) then hailed a boy to carry my luggage to the Station Hotel.

Arrived there and found them full up also the next and the next

Finally found comfortable bedroom at the old Waverly Hotel who charged me 3/£ for bad attendance (of which I had none) and breakfast which consisted of bread and butter and a glass of hot water.  After arriving at the hotel and receiving a bedroom I wrote some letters to home and posted them down stairs.  After that went to the Station Buchanen St (under the impression that Bro. Streeper had not returned from Edinburgh as he had not met me at the depot) 

Found no trace of him there.

Coming away I met our old railway servant of the North British Railway who escorted me to the Queen Tr. Depot where the Edinburgh trains came in.  In the time intervening the aforesaid servant escorted me around a few of the principal streets of Glasgow.  Met every train that evening that I could and retired about 9:30 p.m.  Slept sound on a beautiful feather bed  until about 8:00 a.m. then dressed thanked my Heavenly Father for his care over me (which I deeply realized) had breakfast with a dark gentleman staring at me and then started out to meet those ?  Edinburgh trains again.  Met every train (high and low level) until 2 p.m. then hailed a hansom and landed down to docks in fine style Then ? grined in the meantime at seeing so many barefooted childrens also half chocked with the smell of gas.  Was going on board but was prevented by a seaman who told me that second cabin passengers not on board until 6 p.m. which eventually proved nearer seven after Auld Lang Syne sung lustily by the spectators we got clear

? 4 5  p.m. had a beautiful ride down the Clyde [River] Stayed on deck about a few minutes past eleven Spent rather a restless night.  Was up about five Friday on deck about six-thirty.  Had been raining and consequently deck was very wet.  Had excellent breakfast but  poor dinner.


2:30 Friday have got aboard passengers and are expecting sailing in 2oor 28 minutes


3 5 p.m. Started for New York Friday August 2nd


Saturday had rather rough sea most of  ladies sick so of course there are some rather comical sounds issuing from the cabin and ample room at the tables etc.  Sunday similar.  Have made the acquaintance of a very nice German youth who is very well educated, quite gentlemanly, has a beautiful voice for singing, is most pure minded, free, mdn [?] strained, energetic and very musical young man.  Also has a keen desire to learn English, in which he had succeeded fairly well so far.  In fact is a very attractive young man.


Monday got all the sick folks up on deck.  Sea still rough.  Have walked the deck with my German friend teaching him English.  Evening have had an impromptu concert and dance.  Artists – Mr. W. H. Streeper Jun., Miss H. A. Hartley, Miss Wilkie, and Mr. Findeison.  Had a nice polka with Mr. Findeison, after that retired.


Tues.  Still feeling well, all patients on deck, feeling better; had been crowded on steerage deck like so many cattle for the purpose of collecting our tickets, after that helped Mr. Findeisen with more English and had dinner mixed with a little joking about the Boss, just have a little music with a lady and my German friend which sounds nice, very,






Sarh Maxfield baptized for April 1894

Endowments same time


Baptized for Tuesday Nov 24 1894

Thomas Maxfield

born 1803 died at Blaxton England 24 day of Nov 1889

John Maxfield

born 1800 died 1890

George Ambler

born 1849 at Newill Yorks. Eng. died May 17th 1889

Job Hartley born 1819 West Melton Yorks. Eng. Oct 1849

Abraham Ambler born 20 day of July 1824 Newill Yorks. Eng. Died 3 day July 1858

John Ambler born 18 day of August 1815 at Hanslet

William Ambler born 1 day Sept. 1817 at Hunslet died about 1864

George Auty born 11 day of Dec 1818 in Yorks. Eng died 22 day June 1885

Ann Stocks born 1804 died 21 day August 1884



Lucy Hartley born 7 day Nov 1817 Hunsly died 28 day Sep 1894

Christiana Auty [?] born 25 of Dec 1831 Yors. Eng died 30 day of Nov 1890



Grandpa and Grand Maxfield sealed


Grandpa and Grandma Hartley sealed


Endowments for

Sarah Maxfield Hartley

Thomas Maxfield

Ann Maxfield

Job Hartley

Lucy Hartley

Christiana Auty

Abraham Ambler



Never Say Fail


Keep pushing

‘Tis wiser than sitting     aside,

And dreaming and sighing,

And waiting the tide;

In life’s earnest battle

They only prevail,

Who daily march over and,

And never say fail.


With eyes ever open,

And tongue that’s not    dumb

And heart that will never

To sorrow succumb

You’ll battle and conquer

Though thousands assail;

Thou strong and thou    mighty

Who never say fail


Ahead, then, keep pushing

And elbow your way,

Unheeding the envious,

That would you betray.

All obstacles vanish,

All enemies quail

Before the strong hearted,

Who never say fail!


In life’s rosy morning,

In manhood’s firm pride,

Let this be your motto,

Your footsteps to guide:

In storm or in sunshine,

Whatever assails,

We’ll onward and conquer!

And never say fail.



West Shore Railway from New York to Buffalo.  Mickle Plate from Buffalo to Chichago


From Chicago to Kansas by the Chicago and Alton Railway


Arrived in Kansas about 8 a.m. left 2:30


Arrived in Denver about 8 o/o and left 3 p.m.  Union Pacific from Denver to Salt Lake City





Life is real; life is earnest;

And the grave is not its goal;

Dust thou art, to dust returnest

Was not spoken of the soul.


Trust no future hour e’re           pleasant!

Let the dead past bring its         dead!

Act, act in the living present!

Heart wishing, and God            o’erhead.


Let us then be up and doing,

With a heart for am [?] still        achieving, still pursuing,

Learn to labor and to wait.


Lives of great men all reminds   me

We can make our lives sublime;

And departing, leave behind us

Footprints in the sands of time.

Footprints, that perhaps            another,

Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,

A forlorn and shipwrecked        brother

Seeing, shall take heart again.


-         W. W. Longfellow





We need not be ashamed to      learn,

And our first efforts show;

For in this world from little        things

The greatest often grow.


There’s not a learned sage that lived,

Whatever his degree,

Who did not at the first begin

With simple A.B.C.


Then upward, onward, step by step,

With perseverance rise;

Bend mind and will to every      task,

No first attempts despise.

‘Tis idleness alone despairs

And never will aspire,But industry still presses on

With patience nought can tire.


Begin while life is bright and      young,

Work out each noble plan,

True knowledge lends a charm to youth

And dignifies the man.


Then upward, onward, step by step,

With perseverance  rise;

And emulate with hearts of        hope,

The good, the great, the            wise.




Mrs. G. Nevill Greeton




A. W. Bone

186 Cemetery Rd.


Miss Beecham

89 Victoria St.


Mrs. Gott

Of Victoria St.


J. E. Bagshaw

Union St.



11 Jarrett St.


Mrs. W. Maxfield

Blaxton, Nottingshire


Mrs. Hemsworth

86 Somerset Pl.


Mrs. Rollinfon

187 Bentm……




Luargfu [?] Church

Norman J Line

Ceder of Lebenon

From –

   Roof 400 and world



            1 box pulpit


Elizabeth Mulliner

Doncaster buried at Cantley

Feb 7th   Aged 67  1827


William Pigst

Married Sarah Freeman June 10 1731


John Booth married Mary Frost 4 Jan 1785